Research leaders

ARCII is composed of a series of independent groups within the fields of virology and innate immunology. The main interest of the participating laboratories range from basic molecular biology to more clinical aspects of the interaction between virus infections and the innate immune system. Likewise, the technical expertises in the center is wide and spans from biochemistry and structural biology to advanced animal science. It is a goal of the centre to generate technical and intellectual synergy between the participating laboratories with the overall aim to contribute with ground-breaking new knowledge on the interaction between viruses and the innate immune system.

The research activities in the centre are mainly located at the Institute of Biomedicine, within the main Aarhus University campus, but do also include activities at the Institute of Molecular Biology and the University Hospital Skejby.

Close collaborations between the laboratories and open student/postdoc movement between the individual research groups ensure lateral knowledge exchange within the organization and represents an overall strength of ARCII.

For more information on the Center principal participants see below.

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